I have had many previous iterations of this site, all built using different technologies

I've spent lots of time working on them all over the years, and so wanted to memorialise them here

They're all available on sub-domains of this site

Please do note, they are no longer maintained, so some backend-reliant features may no longer work (blame Heroku)


Version 4 of my personal site

This most recent iteration of my site used Gatsby on the frontend, hosted using Netlify. The backend was an Express server hosted on Heroku.


Version 3 of my personal site

Version 3 of my site was created using React, and compiled using a GitHub Action, also hosted using GitHub Pages.


Version 2 of my personal site

The second generation was made using Jekyll, and converted my old design into something more sustainable.


Version 1 of my personal site

The first site I published was static HTML and CSS, and was hosted using GitHub Pages.


Version 0 of my personal site

I created a website back in Sixth Form as part of a lesson about HTML. It was never hosted anywhere, so I classed it as a v0.