Burst My Bubble

An app to tackle the problem of confirmation bias in the current consumption of the news

May 2019 - June 2019

The internet is a powerful tool for connecting people but it hasn't necessarily brought us closer together

Sites are removing their comments sections in droves, with news feeds full of think pieces about the state of debate online

One cause of this downturn in decency is how easy the internet makes it to disregard opposing arguments

Our own confirmation bias means we're less likely to read something that challenges our beliefs, and content delivery algorithms on the internet have a vested interest in showing us what we like

It's becoming increasingly easy to live in a bubble (see what we did there?)

That's why we created Burst My Bubble

Personalised news feed... with a difference

With articles sourced from all over the web, we use a user's reading history to curate a diverse and confronting personalised news feed, containing articles they wouldn't usually come across

Personalised News Feed - Burst My Bubble

A twist on the usual comments section

Users can share their thoughts on articles, but instead of the traditional comments and replies format, can instead only write one opinion, which they're free to edit as their point of view matures

Opinions - Burst My Bubble

Keep track of what you're reading

Users also have access to a personal page, which shows their latest reading stats, as well as recently read articles

Personal Page - Burst My Bubble

See what's going on in the world

We also showed the top trending topics on Burst My Bubble, so you're not just limited to articles which are tailored to you, since the app is all about expanding your horizons!

Trending - Burst My Bubble

Burst My Bubble was awarded second best WebApps project in our year