Snake Arcade Machine

A recreation of the classic game Snake on a 32x32 LED matrix

May 2018 - June 2018

As part of our first year C project, we recreated the classic game of snake, on a 32x32 LED matrix. The project definition was pretty open-ended, allowing us to create anything, as long as it was written in C, and since we were all fond of old-fashioned games, we thought this would be a fun idea. However, it also gave us some new challenges we didn't expect, and really improved our knowledge of C.

We created the machine by connecting the matrix to a Raspberry Pi, using a hat, and then built the box out of cardboard (and a lot of tape!).

The game has 4 modes, one of which was an Artificial Intelligence, that was pretty good by the end of it. We also created all of our own sounds using GarageBand! You can see some live demos linked on this page.

This project won the prize for the best group project extension, judged by the creators of the Raspberry Pi themselves.